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Error processing an inbound IDoc

What could be causing error 51 to appear in this reader's scenario? Axel Angeli offers some hints.

I'm getting an error status of 51 when processing an inbound shipment IDoc to a 4.7 system. The IDoc type is TPSSHT01 and msg type SHIPPL. The error message in the status is: "Not all address numbers have yet been issued" (msg AM830). I've applied Note 616193, but this has not helped. When I try to reproduce the error using the IDoc test tool, the IDoc posts successfully. Very frustrating! Any thoughts on this error or what else to try for debugging?
It's very difficult to say without debugging the code. It could be a synchronization and serialization issue. It may well be that some data needed to post the SHIPPL has not yet been updated in the database.

Does the error also occur when reprocessed with BD87? Try to set a soft breakpoint in the processing function (look for the processing code in table TEDE1). Then execute the IDoc in BD87 and see how it behaves there. If nothing helps, stop the update queue with SM13 for a short time (mind nobody will be able to leave a transaction with SAVE meanwhile), then process the IDoc with BD87 and check in SM13 what updates are done.

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