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Error messages in SAPGUI v4.6 on Windows 2000 Pro

When running SAPGUI v4.6 on Windows 2000 Pro, non-administrative privileged users get an error from SAP Extended Help Display: SHH.EXE that says "The instruction at "0x00403bbe" referenced memory at "0x000000c". The memory could not be "read". Click Ok to terminate Click on CANCEL to debug the program.

After clicking "CANCEL", the users are presented with the HTML help. What's the cause and what's the cure? I'm not going to give administrative rights to end-users, but I can open up directory or registry security to a specific area if I know where this problems is arising from.

I haven't known this to be a problem when the users don't have local administrator rights. Users need to have access to the share where the help files reside, though.
Is everybody having this problem?
Have you tried uninstalling SAPGUI completely and then re-installing it again? You can use SAPsweep to wipe out SAPGUI from a PC. E-mail me directly at giovanni@giovannidavila.com if you have further questions about this issue.

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