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Error in inbound IDoc

In this reader's IDoc error, something is causing the SAP workflow task to miss an essential value.

When I execute an inbound IDoc, it is throwing an error message:

"IDoc inbound: Container definition for task WS20001057 has errors.".

The help message for this error is as follows.

IDoc inbound: Container definition for task WS20001057 has errors Message no. E0373

The container definition for task WS20001057, which should process inbound IDoc 0000000000696277, contains errors.

Error code: '1'

What the error code means:

(1) : The container definition does not contain the parameter 'IDOC_PACKET'.
(2) : The container element is not defined as an object type.
(3) : No object type could be determined for the container element 'IDOC_PACKET'.
Can you advise me on how to approach this?

The task is defined in transaction PFTC. Apparently the IDoc throws something into the container that the workflow task cannot digest or misses to put some essential value in it. Get the IDoc in status 51 and then reprocess the dioc in BD87. Before you do so, pout a break-point in the code of the mentioned WF-task (in PFTC).
This was last published in May 2006

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