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Error in SAP HTML-Help

I get an error in SAP HTML-Help: (SHH.exe) could not find the file. I've checked the entries in the file SAPDOCCD.LOG in the winnt directory. (The help files are located in the file server.) Can you help?

This problem can be caused by many reasons. So, I have some questions for you that I think will help isolate the problem here.

-How is the security on the share that contains the help files on the network? Check if for example domain users have at least read-only access to the share (the subdirectories and files should allow read-only as a minimum).

-Are the R/3-Help related parameters set up properly in the instance profile? The main profile parameter is "eu/iwb/path_win32". Make sure that the path is correct.

-What type of rights does the user getting this problem have? Is everybody having this problem?

In most cases, the problem is either the path is incorrect or the user does not have read access to the share where the help files reside.

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