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Error getting data from SAP R/3 using ACTA

Hi All,
We are able to connect to SAP using ACTA and import tables into ACTA. But when I am trying to fetch data from SAP R/3 system it's giving me the following error:

(5.2) 08-25-04 12:10:05 (E) (2180:2128) R3C-150412: R/3 CallReceive Error! <Function RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN: Syntax error in program < <ZW02096201 > >... The problem may go away if you change the SAP datastore property to Execute in background (batch) >. I have checked and unchecked this option and run again but it is giving me the same error. Can you help me?
Arrrghhh! Your ACTA system tries to deploy an ABAP routine into your system that apparently has a syntax error or hat is otherwise digested badly by your R/3. Get the source of < <ZW02096201> > and upload it to R/3 as a new program and let run a syntax check.

RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN will create the ABAP in the system, run it and then DELETE the source. This means it allows execution of an ABAP without leaving an obvious trace.

However, it is absolutely deprecated that an external system deploys and runs code on your R/3 system on a temporary basis in a productive environment. If ACTA needs to call routines within R/3 then they have to install the report (or better an RFC function) by means of the standard SAP TP import. RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN is delivered for assistance in testing and should be called by trusted peers (these are programs that YOU have written only!).

It is absolutely intolerable for third party software to deploy reports clandestinely by this method. It opens an uncontrollable loop hole into your system.

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