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Error creating an ABAP BDC program

I'm trying to create an ABAP BDC program to load additional payments data (infotype 0014) and recurring deductions data (infotype 0015). My selection screen allows the user to enter the personnel number, effective date and wage type. I am using a tab delimited .txt file as input to the program (containing personnel number, amount per pay period and total amount). When running the BDC program, standard BDC logic is used to execute transaction PA30 and fill the personnel number from the input program infotype, defaulted to 0014.

When the BDC logic brings up the infotype 0014 maintainance screen, the wage type is pre-filled from the selection screen and the amount is filled from the input file. As the 'UPD' command is executed in the BDC logic, infotype 0014 data is updated. However, some wage types that are defined for infotype 0014 are dynamically linked to a corresponding 'balance due' wage type in infotype 0015.

In situations such as this, the BDC logic updates the 0014 record, but does nothing with the infotype 0015 record (the logic to update the 0015 record immediately follows the 0014 record in the program. Is there a BDC limitation that says a BDC can only update one infotype at a time, and cannot automatically link to another? If we were updating infotype manually using the PA30 transaction using certain wage types, it automatically links to infotype 0015 and auto-populates the proper 0015 wage type. Am I missing something? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

No, you are not missing anything. The 0014/0015 link only happens automatically online. There is an easy solution to your problem, though.

You can read table T51P1 to find the wage type that is linked to the 0014. After your find that, you can create your 0015 in the same program. I like to do this by creating two function modules via SHDB and calling both in the same program.

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