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Error code 29 in IDocs of basic type FIDCCP01

I am generating and processing IDocs of basic type FIDCCP01. Most of them process successfully, but some produce an error with a code 29. The reason seems to be that the successful ones have the "global company name" in BUKRS of segment E1FIKPF, whereas the others have the company code in which the transaction was created. I cannot see any pattern linked to users, transactions, posting types etc. I would appreciate any suggestions of where to look next.

Thank you,
Walter Zenczuk
I presume that you mean the Global Company Code is missing. They are set up in transaction SALE, look for "Cross-App settings."

However, error 29 means simply that no partner profile from WE20 is met by the IDoc. The required setting is displayed when you display the full extended error message text in WE05.

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