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Error 29 when sending an IDoc

Reading the long text of Error 29 might help this reader determine the source of the problem, which occurs when sending an IDoc.

I am trying to send different IDocs to receivers based on the message code. I have made an entry in the message code field in partner profile. But when I trigger an IDoc from MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE FM, I get error 29 for the outbound IDoc. It says it cannot find the entry in the outbound table. I am passing MSG TYPE, BASIC IDOC TYPE and RCVPRN AND RCVPRT.

I would assume that the master_idoc_distribute should figure out from the above inputs as to which partner profile to pick up. My objective is to pass Message Code XXX in the OUTBOUND IDOC. Do you know how to solve this problem?

The partner profile you defined in WE20 is missing for the respective variant. For every variant of the message you need to have a separate entry in WE20.

Please look at the long text for the error 29 when you are in transaction WE20, and it will tell you which combination of message/idoctype/message code has been used to send. Then complete the missing entry in WE20.

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