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Entries removed during application of support package- Why?

We have a consultant 'A', who went in and customized directly in the Production system, error is system management!!!

We also have consultant 'B' who customized in the development system, and transported via TMS into the production system.

After applying support packages 12 16 R/3 4.6C the customized entries from consultant 'A' are missing!!!!

Is this a feature of support packages, very good for erring consultants?

customizing transaction was 'OBU1'

I understand that the table concerned, Table T003 (document types)
is delivery class 'C' which means that SAP will not add/delete or
overwrite entries in this table during upgrades or patch loads.

Is there any technical reason the entries were removed during
the application of the support packages?

Actually, the customizing part should have not changed after applying the support packages. You can display what is transportable and client-dependent in the IMG by selecting Information->title and IMG info.

Also, you might want to apply support packages in "test" scenario so you know in advance what will conflict with your current environment.

It might be too late or not feasible, but you could create a new system as a copy of Production prior to the support packages installation (you will need to restore the database from a previous full backup). Then, on the new test system, apply the SPs and see if you get the same problem. It could have been that someone also made changes at the time the SPs were applied.

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