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Entering plant information in EBP

I'm implementing EBP 4 with BugsEye Catalog. Our organization has more than one plant per company code and the catalog is split by plant.

I added the plant into the OCI interface in the standard field NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD1 and I would prefer that once the item is selected from the catalog, EBP respect the incoming plant instead of some default "Location" related to the user from the PPOMA.

Do you know if there is a way to set this attribute mapping in EBP with some BADI? I was trying with the BADI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER but it is not possible to map the plant with "Location" in EBP; EBP is respecting the PPOMA setting.

You're correct -- this cannot be achieved by the BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER BADI. Instead, map the value of the plant from the catalog to a different field in the shopping cart structure via the Catalog Transfer BADI. Then use the "shopping cart change" BADI to change the users default plant code to the plant code received from the catalog. Please remember that the catalog plants have to exist in EBP as well as appropriate Business Partners.

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