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Entering multiple HR actions on the same day

SAP doesn't allow two actions on the same day. There are occasions where a person could be ending maternity leave and starting a career break on the same day. Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

SAP cannot store two infotypes of time constraint 1 with the same subtype on the same day, because the date delimitation is the same. One of the infotypes would be overwritten. Because there are many occasions when an employee may experience multiple personnel actions on the same day, SAP created "Additional Actions" (infotype 0302) to capture these additional actions. This infotype cannot be maintained directly, but it is located for viewing at the bottom of the Actions infotype (0000). To take advantage of this functionality, you need to set it up using the following IMG path:
Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing Procedures -> Actions ->Set up personnel actions
Activations "Additional Actions" should be activated for all personnel number ranges. This will allow SAP to process multiple actions on the same day.

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