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Entering data into the development client

Because HR and Payroll data is very sensitive, what is the best way to get data into our development client (SD1/100)? We want everyone within our support department to work on HR/Payroll projects but not everyone within this department has authorization to view confidential data. We can certainly load the production org and master data but would need to scramble such data fields as SSN and salary. We can and do create data records as needed in SD1. Currently, we make program and/or configuration changes as necessary in SD1/100 or SD1/300 and transport those changes to SQ1 for testing.

We would like to be able to test in the SD environment prior to transporting but unfortunately the data isn't there. We are running R/3 release 4.6C.

I have a program I wrote to do this for a client that wanted to outsource development after go-live. Basically I scrambled SSN, ANSAL, NACHN, VORNA and GBDAT. To do this I wrote another program to extract HR data from the PRD system that could be loaded directly after scrambling. It is not straightforward enough for me to post here but this is a nice approach and can come in handy in the long term. It will save a lot of time after it is complete. Please e-mail editor@searchSAP.com and we will be able to provide more information.

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