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End-of-line/end-of-file characters

This is similar to the question posted on Jan. 15, dealing with end-of-line/end-of-file characters. One thing I...

forgot to mention: the file was apparently downloaded to our PC, and then uploaded to SAP through calling Ws_Upload function. What do we need to adjust with Ws_upload function to handle the new file format, which no longer has end-of-line or End-of-file control characters... The current ABAP code, that handles the old file format(which has end-of-line and end-of-file characters): FORM UPLOAD_INPUT. CALL FUNCTION 'WS_UPLOAD' EXPORTING CODEPAGE = '' FILENAME = IN_FILE FILETYPE = 'ASC' IMPORTING FILELENGTH = FLENGTH_IN TABLES DATA_TAB = IN_TBL EXCEPTIONS CONVERSION_ERROR = 1 INVALID_TABLE_WIDTH = 2 INVALID_TYPE = 3.

Without having your file to test, this is a little difficult to diagnose. Have a look at the documentation for WS_UPLOAD (one of the few function modules to have documentation!). You can use FILETYPE 'BIN' which might fix your problems. Otherwise, copy to your application server, and use OPEN DATASET instead - you have far more control with this.

This was last published in February 2002

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