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Employee photos in the directory

I would like to include employee photos in the Who's Who Directory in ESS. Provision is made by SAP to do this using ArchiveLink. However, ArchiveLink is not installed here. I therefore have two questions:
1 - Does anybody know of a means of implementing this functionality without using ArchiveLink and, if so, how can this be done?
2 - If ArchiveLink has to be implemented, what is the minimum configuration (in terms of effort and money to be invested) that one can get away with (i.e. any shortcuts circumventions)?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

It depends on where the employee photos are stored. If they are stored in the file system, a simple hyperlink will work. This is the recommended way of including GIFs into ESS applications. If they are stored somewhere in the database you must write your own ABAP code to retrieve this data and include it into the ESS transactions. This can be a very painful process.

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