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Employee details in a Smart Form

I am having a problem creating a Smart Form. I pass an internal table with a few employee numbers but I do not know how to loop this internal table from the Smart Form. FYI, this internal table has a few lines for the same employee number.

The question is: How do I make a command in the Smart Form to instruct the form to print the details only related to the employee?
Example: The internal table has this entry:

000900 B001 56.00
000900 B002 100.00
000901 B001 10.00

Now I would like the Smart Form to print details of employee 00090, followed by employee 000901, without having to loop at the first employee details. I am stuck and need your help with this.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

There are a number of ways to do what you desire. Using your example, the answer may depend on whether you are interested in showing a separate set of details from both records related to the same employee '900' (all plan-specific info, such as each corresponding amount).

Let's assume that's your objective here. If so, one option is to add some logic to your initialization section to build a new global index table -- that is, a basic single-column table -- with a unique record for each employee.

Then create a loop in your MAIN window using that new table. Within that loop set up another sub-loop using the original table with the WHERE clause picking up the unique record(s) tied to each employee and showing the relevant sub-detail, as the sub-loop processes all plans tied to that employee. In the outer loop you could show any general info for that employee, and perform other formatting, such as page-breaks to show each employee's info on a separate page.

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