Email and user exits in IDoc input orders

How to manage email and user exits in IDoc input orders

As part of my inbound interfaces, I have to include partners' (contact person or ship to) email information in orders05 IDoc and using user exit needs to pass in sales order. Are there any placeholders for email info in IDoc and what is the user exit in idoc_input_orders?
The user exits in the idoc handler can be easily found by opeing the handler, e.g. IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS, and searcing for Customer-function. However, if you need to add segments, I suggest that you create a new function Z_IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS and customize the message interface in WD42 to use the new function. Inside the new function, you first loop over all the segments and make all the necessary manipulations, then you call IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS as the last statement of Z_IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS. Email is normally part of the partner roles, so you add the email adress when you receive the right partner (in your case probably AP for the contact person). These are the same segments where you receive the AG, WE, RE partners etc. as well.

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