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Eliminating "Front.EXE" errors with SAP GUI 4.6D

Is there a way to eliminate the problematic "Front.EXE" errors we receive with SAP GUI 46D 4640.4.306.2172 with Windows NT 5.00, Build 2195, Office 2000? That error shuts down SAP and boots the user out causing lost data. It appears to be triggered by accessing a SAP drop down or text entry field in most cases. It seems our IT group thinks it's an SAP error and SAP support believes it to be Microsoft.

This type of problem is the type that requires a lot of troubleshooting to be able to pinpoint it. I would advise you to upgrade to SAPGUI 6.10 or 6.20 instead. I don't know what steps you have followed to troubleshoot this problem but I would recommend you use the "Test tools" that come with SAPGUI itself. They are located under the SAPpcSAPguiTestTools directory. Are you experiencing this problem in all your Windows 2000 PCs? Are the users getting this error running SAPGUI only or do they have some additional components (i.e. BW, APO, etc.)? As I mentioned, I think you'd be better off upgrading anyway. Also, an FYI: As of SAPGUI 6.10, FRONT.exe does not exist anymore. Instead, SAP created SAPFEWGSRV.exe.

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