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Electronic bank statement processing

We have been using a custom coded ABAP program to process and post the items on our electronic bank statements, which we retrieve from the bank in BAI2 format. But we just upgraded to 4.6C and are now considering implementing the Electronic Bank Statement Processing functionality that is standard delivered with the system to replace this custom program. What is your view on this functionality? Does it work well? How much flexibility does it have when it comes to pushing specific transactions to unique general ledger accounts?

The Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) processing functionality available in 4.6C (and above) is extremely good. As in earlier releases, in 4.6C you have the capability to guide bank statement transactions to unique G/L posting rules based on the BAI transaction codes provided with them on the electronic bank statement.

Where 4.6C has a huge functional advantage over earlier releases is in the area of the Search String functionality. In earlier releases, the usefulness of this functionality was very limited but with 4.6C SAP has substantially enhanced the functionality so that it is now a very powerful tool for interpreting and processing items on the bank statement.

Instead of being stuck assigning a BAI code to a single posting rule for a bank account, you can now configure the Search String functionality so that a bank statement item will be uniquely posted based on the text that is delivered in the free-form remittance section of bank statement transactions. This is especially helpful in situations such as inbound wires where you are trying to differentiate inbound customer wires from your own inbound bank to bank concentrations wires.

In older releases you would have had to use the electronic bank statement user exit with custom ABAP coding to differentiate these items and assign different posting rules to them because they use the same BAI code on an electronic bank statement. But now they can easily be differentiated and uniquely posted using the delivered Search String functionality.


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