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EBP on R/3 4.7

We are currently using EBP 3.0 with backend 4.5B. We are ramp-up customers for enterprise 4.7. We're already live with 3.0 with a few custom changes and screen changes. Now we are ready to change the backend from 4.5 to 4.7. Do you know if EBP3.0 is going to work with 4.7 or will we have to upgrade to EBP3.5? If we have to go for 3.5, can we just upgrade? there is big changes in tables and etc.

Let me first say that as of yet there are not a wide number of 4.7 customers with EBP, so I would definitely be on the watch for any integration inconsistencies. But there are no restrictions (functionality-wise) for EBP working with 4.7. I just like to give myself enough time for testing before moving into production, as the Enterprise release is on a new technology platform and there might be certain issues that could come up. But for the most part the support packs or notes should be able to resolve those.

You DO NOT have to upgrade to EBP 3.5 just because you're moving to Enterprise release for your backend.

You have to check the following though:
The EBP 3.0 support pack level is SP14 or higher.
The R/3 Plug-In is either PI2002.2 0r PI2003.1.

EBP 3.5 has some considerable functionality enhancements compared to EBP 2.0 and 3.0. And yes, there are some technical changes along with the release also, as it provides you a platform that is compatible with the SRM suite of products. Also, the look and feel of the release is a bit different than EBP 3.0.

But overall, there should be no problems for your group to integrate your existing EBP 3.0 system with Enterprise. Hope this helps, and again, check your EBP Support level and R/3 Plug-In release.

I would appreciate if you would provide me some detail of your implementation. It has been very interesting to share knowledge from different implementations across the globe. You can email me at sachin.sethi@sealconsult.com.

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