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EBP and P-Cards

We are considering implementing EBP 4 and also rolling out P-Cards. What are the things that we should be thinking of in terms of:
1. The scenario to choose
2. Process design
3. Technical design and any limitations in functionality?

Assuming that you're not just going to have all procurement via P-Cards, and only strategic buys via P-Card, there needs to be considerable thought given to the scenario selection.

Selection of a implementation scenario (Classic, Extended Classic, or Standalone) to choose is part of a strategic initiative, based on the requirements that are collected via the implementation blueprint process.

Unfortunately, it is not a very cut and dry process to just point out which scenario to utilize. It is also not uncommon to have strategically selected multiple scenarios that might co-exist within the same EBP environment. One example is of an Organization that has a Classic Implementation for a Division that has a SAP R/3 backend, and the same organization also implements a standalone scenario for a division that might not have a SAP R/3 backend.

P-Cards functionality in whole has not been added to or changed since EBP 3.0 release so you're not in any advantage or dis-advantage when implementing EBP 4.0 for PCards. Here are some limitations that you might consider for the P-Card Implementation:

**The Standard EBP solution only allows P-Cards functionality implemented in a Standalone or Local scenario. P-Cards cannot be used in Classic or Extended Classic Scenarios **

**There is no Goods Receipt functionality allowed for carts created via P-Cards

**There are no Department cards functionality. P-Cards are assigned to individual accounts.

**You have to consider the level of data available when reconciling the P-Card statements.

My advise would be to consider a strategy workshop session with an EBP solution expert that can review your organization's requirements and suggest a implementation roadmap and correspondingly a scenario selection.

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