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Dr. Watson error when trying to log on to SAP

I am using SAP R/3 4.0B on a Oracle database using Windows NT. When I want to log on to the server (by double clicking the SAP Logon icon) it gives an error massage. The massage is Dr. Watson error which says:
"An application error has occurred and an application error log is being generated. saplogon.exe
Exception access violation (0xc0000005), Adress:0x77f88a87"
What should I do to get rid of this message and to log on safely to the system? I tried to re-install SAP GUI but it didn't help either.

This exception violation (0xc0000005) sounds like a permissions problem. What SAPGUI version are you using? If you are using anything older than 4.6D compilation 4, I strongly recommend you upgrade to at least 6.10 or better yet, to 6.20, which is the latest version. What operating system is this that you have in your PC? If you need to remove SAPGUI completely, use the SAPSWEEP utility. Sometimes the SAPGUI uninstall leaves some orphan files and entries in the registry. If all fails you might want to install SAPGUI for Java. Should you need more assistance please e-mail to: giovanni@sapbasisadministration.com

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