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Dots or commas as decimal-separators

I'm the Basis Guy in my company. We are Spanish company. We have SAP configured for spanish people, but a lot of users ask me if they can use "." of the numeric keypad like "," for separating decimals without update theirs master profiles using SU3. It is possible?

I like this type of questions!

The decimal notation is controlled in table USR01 field DCPFM. When the field value is 'X' then the dot (.) is used.

Knowing this, you can either issue an update query at the database level or you can write an ABAP program to make the changes in the entire R/3 system.

-- The following query lists all user accounts in client 200. select * from USR01 where MANDT='200'

-- The following query changes the decimal notation to "." for the user MYUSER in client 200.
update USR01
set USR01.DCPFM='X'
where MANDT='200' and BNAME='MYUSER'

You can ommit the "and BNAME=XXX" and change the field in the whole client. If you ommit the client, then you change the field for all clients in the system.

Notice that you will need to stop and re-start the R/3 instance for the change to actually work. The change in the field takes effect immediately but it seems to be buffered so the user does not get the change until you bounce the R/3 instance.

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