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Don't try to go to the technical side of SAP in order to go functional side later

Learn SAP career expert Jon Reed's opinion on functional versus technical training in SAP.

I have a B.S. in electrical engineering and I am looking to break into SAP. I do not have any previous experience in the IT industry. I have plans for MBA later. I was wondering if I should get into the technical side and then later switch to the functional side. Kindly suggest if this is a good way to go.
I don't believe in trying to go technical in order to become functional. The best way to get ahead in SAP is to choose an area of SAP that is a good match with your skills and interests, make sure that area is relatively marketable, and make your move right into it. I don't know enough about your background to tell you which area of SAP fits your skills, but remember that it's important to target SAP's latest releases and applications.

Too many people are asking me about how to break into ABAP, Basis, SD, and MM. That's yesterday's SAP technology and applications. True, it's still in heavy use on SAP customer sites, but if you're trying to break into a field, you want to understand where it's going before you make your move. Sites like SearchSAP.com have a wealth of information you can take advantage of here to help you in your transition.

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