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Does SAP have solutions for government agencies?

Does SAP have solutions for government agencies, like human resource/payroll and inventory management, which may not be handled the way businesses handle financials?

Yes. SAP offers a solution called mySAP Public Sector. You can visit the solutions section of the SAP website here for more information.

There is also a page describing the specific capabilities of mySAP Public Sector Finance and Administration here.

For more on mySAP Public Sector, please view these archived tips from Thomas Shirk, President, SAP Public Sector & Education. Thomas was a member of the SearchSAP 'Ask the Expert' panel last year.

What are the three most important factors to ensure a successful implementation of SAP in the public sector?

Funds Management for a public sector client

Why is "Funds Management" implementation not considered important Other than Public sector industries?

Thank you for the question.


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SAP has got to be the worst management system I have ever had the great misfortune to use. I have been a software designer and tester in my time. I really have to wonder what favours have been given to whom in the APS and state departments to inflict this appallingly designed almost unusable system on us. Truly, it fails every design criteria known to humanity. What a load ....