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Does MM project experience make for a career?

I completed my post-graduate degree in industrial engineering and I've been working for a reputable company in India for past 10 years. I have done assignments in various areas like material management, HR, facilities planning etc. I also have SAP implementation experience in MM and external services management. How can I make a career in SAP?
If you already have project experience in MM, then you might already have an SAP career! At the very least, you're in a position to see if you can push further into SAP.

It sounds to me like you may have to leave your company to do that; however, reading between the lines, I suspect you were pulled onto an SAP project that has now gone live. So, your next step is to get your resume out there and see if you have enough SAP experience to get hired into other projects.

It doesn't really matter whether the jobs are "perm" or "contract," the main question you need answered is whether you have acquired enough experience to be hired on SAP projects. If so, you're in good shape. If not, your best hope may be to stay with your current employer and try to pick up more SAP skills when they move into an upgrade or product extension later on.

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