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Documentation to implement credit card processing -SAP 4.0b

I am looking for documentation to implement credit card processing in sales and distribution in SAP -4.0b release. The information should include the information about what is available, along with issues and shortcomings in SAP 4.0b. I would also like to know if middleware is required. If yes, I need a list of SAP certified middleware.
There are many ways for CC processing with SAP. All the solutions – including SAP's own e-commerce products – work with a proxy server that takes the CC inquiries from SAP and forwards them to the cc authorization center. Search for E-Commerce in help.sap.com.

Middleware, there are hundreds of them and they function all alike. They exchange messages with SAP via RFC or XML over HTTP. There is no real need to look for SAP certification. He only thing to certify is, that the system can exchange messages with SAP and does not loose them. Nearly all of them make use of the RFC connectors for Windows (.NET connector, DCOM connector) or Java (JCo).

More important in all middleware scenarios is knowing how the middleware performs in your environment. If you already have one in your infrastructure, this will be the first choice. Some best selling middleware is: IBM WebSphere/MQ, Microsoft BIZTALK, SAP XI, Mercator, ZENOS, Seebeyond. If you need advice, better check with your credit card clearing bank for alist of middleware they can communicate with.

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