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Documentation for the Treasury module

I am looking for some documentation/information about the capabilities of the Treasury module. We have some folks...

who would like to review this information but it is difficult to find anything of any substance. Any suggestions?

Probably the best place to get information in one spot is the SAP mySAP.com Financials – Corporate Finance Management (CFM) home page at http://www.sap.com/solutions/financials/cfm/. From there you have access to several links, such as Business Benefits, Key Capabilities, Customer Successes and Brochures & White Papers. If you click on the Brochures and White Papers, which will take you to http://www.sap.com/solutions/financials/cfm/brochures/ , you will find several PDF-files that can be viewed either online or downloaded. Together, the two white papers "Cash Management in mySAP Financials" and "mySAP Financials Corporate Finance Management" offer a good overview of the treasury related functionality available in SAP.

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