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Do we really need a certified migration consultant?

What do you do when your vendors are booked and you want to migrate? Expert Bert Vanstechelman provides the answer in this expert response.

We are planning to migrate our BW 3.5/Oracle 9.2/WINDOWS to BW 3.5/Oracle 9.2/AIX 5.3. We did a test migration in our sandbox environment. Everything went smooth and is working fine.

We are confident that we can do the migration ourselves. But, as per SAP procedure, we should have an OS/DB migration...

certified consultant to do the migration. So we approached our vendor for an OS/DB migration consultant, and it turns out they are preoccupied for next four months. Our R/3 system already is running on an AIX/Oracle environment and we have experts in those area.

My question is can we do our migration ourselves or should we wait for the OS/DB migration certified consultant?

SAP will not support your migration if it is not performed by a certified migration consultant.

If you feel comfortable with the procedure, ask your vendor to guide and support the migration. They can reduce their involvement to the migration of the production system only. As such, they can sign off the migration.

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