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Do we need infotype 0007 on CATS?

I have a basic CATS question. We are currently creating a financial system where we would like to use CATS. We have a seperate SAP HR system and will not be implementing HR on the financial SAP system. We just want to collect hours against PS WBS elements.

I know that we need to create and use infotypes 0001, 0002, 0105, 0315. Do we need info type 0007? This CATS system will not feed the HR system and hours will not be transferred to the SAP HR system. What basic areas are required to just have CATS work to submit hours to PS?

OK, I'll admit I've never worked with CATS unless HR was being implemented, so I honestly have no idea whether 0007 is required or not BUT, my guess would be no. Even if it is, just set up one basic work schedule and same the same thing for everyone. Use the Data Transfer Toolbox and creation of the basic items you need should be very straightforward.

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