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Do Java skills help with SAP certification?

I am a software engineer with three years of programming experience in Java technologies. I have also cleared the Sun Certification for Java2 Programmer exam. Is there some way I can use my existing Java skills and go for some certification in SAP?

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Well, you can't use your Java skills to get certified in SAP -- those are two separate issues. If you want to obtain an SAP certification, you simply need the time and the resources. But your more important question is whether or not your Java background is relevant to SAP. If you study up on SAP's new NetWeaver platform, you will see that Java does indeed play a role in SAP's latest technologies. Java skills come up within SAP in several different ways: for one, some companies will opt to do the NetWeaver development within a J2EE/Java environment. On top of that, many of SAP's web-based presentation tools, as well as web services initiatives, draw on Java-related technologies. So, there is a way into SAP using Java, though it will take some serious effort on your part, as these projects are not yet widespread. I like your thinking about getting certified, but beyond that, I would simply pursue as much SAP knowledge and exposure as possible.

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