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Do I need ABAP/NetWeaver certification?

Hi Jon,
I have been in the IT field for around 15 years and right now I'm using .NET for Web applications. I want to move over to SAP and I am thinking of taking a course in SAP ABAP/NetWeaver. I have no prior SAP experience, but have used the software. My query is, will training and certification assist me in getting a job as an ABAP developer? What's your suggestion? Thanks in advance.
I have written a lot about the value (or lack thereof) of SAP certification. The short version: SAP certification is always a "nice-to-have" and if you can afford it and fit it into your existing work schedule, it can only help you. But there's absolutely no guarantee that certification will land you a job; in fact, you have a better chance of breaking into SAP by finding a company running on SAP that will hire you to use your existing skills within their SAP environment. Overall, with your development background, I like the idea of a ABAP/NetWeaver certification. Just remember that there are no guarantees, and it's only a first step. You'll still have a lot of work to do marketing yourself and getting that all-important first SAP position.

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