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Displaying the associated billing document in a reconciliation report

I have a reconciliation report that displays various fields, for example, accounting document number, company code etc. The requirement is if I click on any of the fields that the report displays, it has to show the billing document associated in that particular row of the report. Can you tell me how it can be done?
This type of programming is covered in the SAP course on List Processing. It can also be implemented using the ALV Grid Control.

Briefly, for the former, you write your field out as a hotspot, and, in conjunction with the HIDE command, and the AT LINE-SELECTION event, call the appropriate transaction with AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN. (You may have to SET some PARAMETER IDs before hand.)

For the latter, you define event handling to call the transaction, on a double click within the ALV control. There are many example programs in BCALV*.

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