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Display output (print preview) of service entry sheet in transaction ML83

I have a question concerning the display output (print preview) of the service entry sheet in transaction ML83...

(Service Entry Sheet / Print-Transmit).

Inside the normal Windows SAPGUI the Button "Display Output" shows a normal print preview of the desired printout of the sheet.

When on the other hand, I use the WebGUI for this transaction, the print preview is displayed as a .PDF Object (Plugin) inside the Internet Explorer WebGUI display.

Here, you have the possibility to use the complete functionality of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (as there are things like mark and copy, print and save locally, search texts, zooming, etc...).

So, as the preview for the printout inside the WebGUI seems to be automatically generated as a .PDF Dokument (which is supported by SAP R/3), I wonder if there is the possibility to change the output format of the preview inside the SAPGUI for Windows also to PDF (displayed inside a Control (HTML, document)), which would allow me to use the advantages of the Acrobat Reader (mainly saving locally) from the inside of R/3.

I hope you can help me with my problem.

In a standard R/3 environment, the application server talks to the SAPGUI using a proprietary protocol known as DIAG. Using DIAG, the SAPGUI sends events, such as clicking on a button, to the application server, and the application server in turn, using DIAG, tells the SAPGUI what to display.

With WebGUI, the application server sends (and receives) exactly the same messages as it would if it were talking to a SAPGUI. A component of ITS takes this DIAG information and converts it to HTML. In the case of print preview, it is the component of ITS which converts the screen output into a PDF document. (This is one of the reasons why WebGUI is usually slower than standard SAPGUI).

SAP have provided functions that allow you to convert SAPScript (see http://sap.ittoolbox.com/forum/message.aspi=3095&mo=10&yr=1999&t=300&p=327&h1=300&h2=327 for example), so it would certainly be possible to do what you suggest (and, in my opinion, a very good idea!) However, to implement it generally, you would have to amend the standard SAP code. I'm not sure there is a control available to view PDF inside SAPGUI, but you can certainly launch Acrobat externally.

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