Dispatcher services shows dev_disp error

Bert Vanstechelman advises a reader on the possible origin for a dev_disp system warning for SAP.

Our message server starts but the dispatcher service starts and ends after 4-5 seconds. Error shown in dev_disp says, "possible 1 network problem detected--check tracefile and change DNS settings." What does this mean?
The dispatcher complaining about network problems is common. It probably occurs in many systems. Although it sounds severe, it is only a warning message and probably not the cause of the start-up failure.

Have a look in the work directory. Does the dispatcher even attempt to start the work processes? Files with naming convention dev_w* should exist if it does. Do these files contain any error messages? The error messages are normally very descriptive. Common startup problems are related to SAP being unable to connect to the database or being unable to allocate a sufficient amount of memory. Typos in the instance profiles are also often the reason of start-up failures.

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