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Disk failure during modem driver installation

I installed SAP R/3 on Windows 2000 server. It worked fine and I could do some configuration. Later when I installed modem driver, there was some kind of problem and the system hung with a blue screen message "writing back to disk". Since the system didn't come down I rebooted manually after 10 mins. After rebooting, whenever I try to access SAP services, there is an error message "SAPSTARTSRV.exe couldn't be started since initialization failed (0xc0000142) Please suggest what I need to do. Platform is Windows 2000 server with service pack 2. Does installing service pack 3 helps?

Actually, this problem sounds more like a file corruption. I doubt very much that SP3 will solve your problem. Have you checked the Event Viewer System and Application logs? Can you get the SAPSTARTSRV.exe from either a backup or another system where everything works fine? This file gets registered during the R/3 installation. You can recopy it and register it again as follows:

Sapstartsrv -t -q

The error you mentioned sounds like a disk failure. Once again, I would check the Event Viewer logs right away. Also, does the database start fine? The most important thing to protect is the database. If you see that there are disk problems, then stop the Database server and fix the disk problem before attempting to use SAP.

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