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Difficult to get into FI or CO without an MBA?

Learn Jon Reed's opinion on how to get into SAP FI and CO without a financial background or an MBA.

Hi Mr. Reed,

I like your column, and thanks for answering all the questions. I have read pretty much all the questions before but I didn't find an answer to my question so here it is:

How hard is it to get into FI or CO modules with having a background in Finance/ Supply Chain Mgmt / an MBA? I actually don't have any experience in SAP and will be training on ABAP/4 and NetWeaver, but then I want to get into FI or CO but it's been advised that I shouldn't.

No area of SAP is easy to break into these days, but you know what I usually say: pursue the area of SAP that is mostly closely related to your core skills. Therefore, you should consider skipping the ABAP and NetWeaver training and pursue training in mySAP Financials and/or SEM instead. You have the finance and business skills that will help you to bring more "value" to even your first SAP financials engagements. It may still be a challenge landing that first project, but you have a better chance in the financials area than in ABAP.

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