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Differences between winC and webC

Do the two have similar functionality? Expert Srini Katta sheds light on the matter.

What is the difference between winC and webC? What is the criteria to prefer one over the other? My understanding is that the functionality is same for both (please correct me if I am wrong).
Winclient is a Windows-based GUI interface. Webclient is a zero footprint browser-based application.
  1. Winclient users require certain degree of SAP GUI experience to use where as all users are already experienced with using browser interface, no special training is needed
  2. Winclient is based on traditional ABAP based Dynpro technology, which requires a high degree of ABAP knowledge to make changes to the user interface. Webclient is based on industry standard MVC (Model View Controller) technology, which makes it easy to make changes to the look and feel of user interface
  3. IC Winclient uses SAP PHONE functionality where as IC Webclient uses ICI/BCB interface for Computer Telephony integration (CTI).
  4. Selective Business Scenarios are only available on IC WEBCLIENT
  5. Some powerful features of ERMS (Email Response Management System) are only available on IC Webclient.

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