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Difference between BW functional and technical consultant

Expert Sam Gassem identifies the roles of the BW functional and BW technical consultant in this expert response.

I have 4 years experience in ABAP. I would like to expand my career more on SAP. I would like to become an HR techno-functional consultant. I have two questions here:

1. If I learn BW and portal, how will it help my HR techno-functional career?
2. What's the difference between a BW technical or functional consultant?

I do not think BW and portal will help with an HR functional career, but for sure it will be a great help with technical.

An SAP BW functional consultant is responsible for the following:
Key responsibilities include:
- Maintain project plans
- Manage all project activities, many of which are executed by resources not directly managed by the
project leader (central BW development team, source system developer, business key users)
- Liase with key users to agree reporting requirements, report designs
- Translate requirements into design specifications(report specs, data mapping / translation, functional specs)
- Write and execute test plans and scripts
- Coordinate and manage business / user testing Deliver training to key users
- Coordinate and manage product ionization and rollout activities
- Track CIP (continuous improvement) requests, work with users to prioritize, plan and manage CIP

An SAP BW technical consultant is responsible for:
-SAP BW extraction using standard data extractor and available development tools for SAP and non-SAP data sources. -SAP ABAP programming with BW
-Data modeling, star schema, master data, ODS and cube design in BW
-Data loading process and procedures (performance tuning)
-Query and report development using Bex Analyzer and Query Designer
-Web report development using Web Application Designer

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