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Development aspects of upgrading 4.5B to 4.6C

I'm concerned with development aspects of upgrading 4.5B to 4.6C.

I can't really quantify if this upgrade is a major step or not in terms of development. I heard that the object oriented language is introduced, but does that mean I have to convert all existing ABAP code? I also heard that it is recommended to replace any BTCI processing by BAPI processing. In addition, I heard that 4.6C brings a lot of new interfaces with BW, does that mean that we will have to consider bif changes on these?

Our system is an FI/CO, MM, 4.5B system and is fairly standard. We also have BW.

Do you have any recommendations or advice for me?

I would view any upgrade of release to be fairly major. If you have not made many changes to SAP standard, then it should all be fairly straightforward. You do not have to convert all ABAP to OO-ABAP. The BTCI issue could be difficult, depending on how many you have, and in which area. Generally, if a BAPI is available, you should use that rather than BDC. When changing releases, the screen flow often changes - this means all BDC programs must be re-developed. BAPIs are guaranteed across a number of releases. Also, with the introduction of Enjoy SAP controls, like the ALV Grid Control, many more SAP transactions are not BDC-able.

With regards to BW, I do not know, but usually where SAP bring in new functionality, the old still works.

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