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Determining the number of work processes in an SAP system

What is the deciding factor in determining the number of work processes in an SAP system? Is it only the system RAM or is there something else? In our SAP system we have 17 work processes. We keep on changing the distribution of these work professes based on the day/night requirements by using the operation modes. More often than not, we are being pushed into a situation wherein this many number of workprocesses are not sufficient for us. Can we increase the number of work processes by just increasing the RAM size and making the necessary settings? Will the SAP system predetermine the number of work processes by considering the newly added RAM?

The number of work processes is determined during the SAP installation based on the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM available. Yes, you can basically increase the RAM in your system and then add more work processes. But, SAP will not determine this for you automatically. So, be careful when doing this because you do not want to add too many work processes.

For additional information check this SAP Note 39412.

I would like to suggest adding a new application server or dialog instance to help this server. If you can afford another box then you should probably do it. You can then even maintain logon groups.

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