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Determining resources for executing ABAP programs

1) We are planning on developing a signicant amount of ABAP code for our project. Unfortunately, traditional SAP sizing methods do not seem to account for significant custom code development. What should we do to ensure our system is properly sized?

2) The CMM KPA for project planning requires that the critical computing resources be estimated for a software effort via a defined procedure. Estimating memory and storage sizes required for an application to be developed is done on the basis of SLOC or function points.

Given the way SAP is sized, how can I determine a strawan size for an ABAP program (in terms of storage and memory requirements)?

Without this, how can I determine if I've got sufficient resources to execute a set of ABAP progams within a given SAP application instance?

Any assistance will be appreciated.
You probably want to read the earlywatch media. A performance session where SAP will look at the ABAP performance can be initiated through opening a SAP message.

In larger SAP systems, where a significant level of customized coding is expected, mini-benchmarks may be conducted to evaluate the expected performance prior to the customer going productive, e.g. in development or test phases. SAP GoingLive checks also "roughly" verifies that hardware resources are adequate.

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