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Determine the single factor that will increase your marketability

Learn how to increase your marketability in the SAP marketplace with this advice from SAP career expert Jon Reed.

I have been in a permanent role for some time, but I'm now considering starting out as a freelance consultant. I am SAP certified in SD and have a good amount of practical experience in areas such as requirements gathering, system testing, etc. I have worked both in support roles and project roles. Two questions: first, is this strong enough experience to go into consulting, and second, what single factor would increase my marketability?
First question: it doesn't sound to me like your skills are deep enough in SAP for consulting – though the only way you can know for sure is to apply. Second question: you need hands-on configuration skills pertaining to SD, the area you already have other related skills in. It's the hands-on configuration experience that will give structure to the other skills -- those become more valuable as they re-connect to your configuration skills. See if you can get closer to the configuration side of your project during the next upgrade cycle.

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