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Deploying SAPGUI to remote sites/different networks

Our end-users are all at remote sites on different networks. What is the best way to deploy SAPGUI? We are looking for a script which can check the type of PCs (NT, 2k, XP) and then run SAP setup silently and also copy our SAPlogon.ini and SAPmsg.ini to the appropriate places. Are we on the right track? Have you ever done something like this?
I think the technique to use depends on how many PCs you are talking about and what kind of tools you have. For example, if you have something like Microsoft SMS you could use that.

If the remote sites have fast connections to your central site you could deploy SAPGUI silently and remotely using the SAP Admin tool.

You can create a directory called "custom" under the SAPGUI installation and put the SAPlogon.ini and SAPmsg.ini files there. The files are copied when you deploy SAPGUI via the SAP Admin tool.

Users can also install SAPGUI (again if their connection to the SAP FrontEnd server is fast) by running the SAPsetup executable on the network share holding the installation files. They can specify a package name and use the /s option to perform a silent install.

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