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Deploying SAP GUI 4.6D on user machines

We are currently working on deploying SAP GUI 4.6D We are having the problem of installing the SAP GUI onto users machines who don't have administrator privileges (We have a mixture of NT 4.0, Win2k and XP).

We have set up an installation server from the SAP GUI CD and have installed the Distribution service which is supposed to give elevated privileges to non admin users. We have the logon script below to copy the .ini files and to run the front end installation:

net use x: hbgcserverhbg_settings 
xcopy x:*.ini %systemroot% /y 
xcopy x:services %systemroot%system32driversetc /y 
net use x: /delete 
hbgcserversap_installsetupsapsetup.exe /p:{005A7F64-D61F-4497-A0BA-3771F04A92E5} 

What we are finding is that the script attempts to install the package and fails. When inspection of the log file created during installation, we found two errors stating that the user didn't have admin privileges. When we are setting up the distribution service we are hosting the service on the distribution server, we are giving the domain administrator account for the distribution service and giving a domain user account which will become the local administrator on all machines.

The service then seems to install and start ok. As a temporary measure we have been adding our SAP user group to domain admins, letting the install run then removing their membership from the admins group (which is not ideal!) Any thoughts?
Everything you described sounds correct. The idea of using a SAPFrontEnd installation server is to overcome the local administrator privileges problem on the workstations. Have you checked if indeed the account you specified during the SAPFrontEnd server installation has local permissions in the workstations that the script is failing? It could be that some of the workstations have a different password for that account.

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