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Dependencies when populating a training client

What are the dependencies when attempting to populate a training client with data from the development client, and in ensuring that the data is kept up to date?
The scope of the first part of your question covers all the dependencies within SAP. They would be no different in a training client then they are in a development client. For example, you need customer master data, shipping legs, banking information, material masters, packing materials, and etc. set up prior to being able to create a sales order. Of course, the GL, sub ledgers, Chart of Authority, profit centers, cost centers. cost elements, etc., needs to be set up for correct costing.

The method by which you keep you data up to date depends on how you are going to use the data in the training client. You can do a system to system copy of the development client to the training client. This is most efficiently accomplished by taking a back up of the dev client and restoring the training client from the backup. Please ensure that the systems are on the same level of support packs, OSS notes, kernel, etc., prior to doing this, however, Also, you can queue transports released from dev to the training system and bring them in on a scheduled basis in between training or during a scheduled backup/restore of the training system. This allows for all the break/fix transports to be captured in this queue, and should be able to give you some time to test prior to releasing the training system back to training. If you use the method to bring in transports, you will want to create enough data to handle classes within a given period of time between back up/refresh. Using multiple delivery clients can help cut down on the data sets that need to be created. There is also a new method pioneered by IBM of flash copy which may assist you, however, you would need to explore that option with them.

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