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Defining number ranges in EBP

I have defined number ranges in "EBP/IMG/.../Define number ranges for shopping carts and follow on documents." After defining them in EBP, I expect to see these number ranges in the R/3 backend system. But they do not exist in R/3 (EBP 3.5, R/3 4.6C.) Should I manually create the corresponding number ranges in my Backend system?
My assumption would be that you're implementing a classic scenario of EBP (integrated to an R/3 backend). In this scenario, the configuration requires that the number range is actually defined in EBP. Once this is complete, you need to then define the number ranges in the R/3 system as "external" in the IMG>PO/RQ>Number Range Assignment. This configuration indicates to EBP that once a purchasing document is created in EBP, the actual number range for that document is selected in EBP (utilizing the number range you specified in IMG) and once all processing is complete (e.g.. Workflow) the document is passed on to R/3 where the external number range from EBP is passed on.

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