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Defaulting to blank user parameters

We have a business requirement to not record the nationality of employees in PA30 i0002. We also use the recruitment module and enter data via PB10 then transfer data across to the PA module. As recruitment and PA share the same table for nationality and the system remembers the last entry if someone accidently enters something in this field then the next person to use i0002 or PB10 has the last entry defaulted in. This causes many errors.

Is there any way to default a value of blank to the nationality field (NATIO)? I have tried hiding the field in i002 however when you run reports whatever was brought across behind the scenes shows up. I have entered a blank field in the drop down table for Nationality and tried using user parameters so that when the user opens up the infotype it will default to blank however can not find a way of assigning this to the user parameter.

Do you know how I can either assign a blank to the user parameter for the field NATIO? Or do you have another suggestion for resolving this issue?
There is no problem in doing this with the customer enhancement PBAS0001 that occurs in the PBO of both of those transactions. It should be straight forward for any member of your ABAP team.

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