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Decompressing HR patches

I'm applying SAP HR Patches level 42 to 65, I have downloaded all the relevant patches, but I am unable Uncar the pathes, i.e D01adm> " CAR -xvf KE46C42.car" the error message is " Error 13: can't decompress" Please give me a solution to this.

The support packages should be downloaded into the usrsaptranstmp directory. Then at the usrsaptrans you need to use CAR -xvf tmpKE46C42.CAR This decompresses the files into the epsin directory, which allows you to later then read them, load them and import them via SPAM. If you still are having problems, try using parameters -tvf to display the contents of the compressed file. If this does not work then I suggest you re-download the support package in question. By the way, SAPCAR.exe is the replacement of CAR.exe. If comes with newer R/3 Kernels. It is backwards compatible. Also, do not forget to check that the usrsap directory has plenty of free disk space to decompress the archived files.

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