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Deciding between SRM classic or extended

Is there a checklist to provide to the client when they are deciding to implement SRM classic or extended? Is there any tool out there that can be shared in advising the customer in which scenario is best for their business?
The selection of implementation scenarios in SRM is really two-fold –- business requirements driven and implications on the technical environment. Additionally, certain SRM functionality is only available based on the scenario implemented.

Having said that, unfortunately there is not an answer that fits all. Just because an organization has chosen to implement a classic scenario, it is not to say that they could have not implemented extended classic. This decision is entirely based on the business processes being implemented, their current environment (eg. SAP or legacy?), and the critical assessment of user acceptance.

On all my projects, I usually utilize the business blueprint phase to help determine the implementation scenario, as it best allows us to capture the true requirements of the organization. In situations where a decision for classic or extended has already been made prior to blueprint, I utilize the blueprint phase to challenge and finalize the implementation scenario.

You might want to review the "SRM Functionality Matrix".

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