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Debug an IDoc function to find an error

Need to debug an IDoc function to find out where an error message is being issued? SAP IDoc expert Axel Angeli shares some tips in this response to a common reader question.

I'm using SAP XI to map a third-party structure to the CREMAS03 IDoc structure. This IDoc is brought into the R/3 system to create a vendor master record. Everything is functional, except that when the IDoc comes into the R/3 system -- it's showing error status 51. After drilling down further, the specific error is, "Make entry in all required fields."

I have checked that mapping in XI has been done correctly and appropriate fields have also been specified a constant value. Could you help me figure out where the error is occurring and how to go about troubleshooting this problem?

If IDoc is in status 51, it means it was properly delivered to R/3. So you can now set a break-point in the respective IDoc handling function and reprocess the IDoc with BD87 (or report: RBDINPUT). Then debug the IDoc function and find where the error message is issued.

If you un-check the option field "background processing," you will get more options and in the menu there is a selection that allows you to throw the function into batch input dialog mode. If you choose "process foreground from error," it will stop on the screen where the error happens. Then you will know which field is not supplied properly by XI.

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